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Jupiter Scientific provides a wide variety of environmental systems and services. Our team includes a number of the country's most well respected environmental system designers and builders.

We recognize that no two customers are the same. With our in house expertise we can help you to develop robust and cost effective pollution control solutions customized to your application.

Whether you are looking to purchase new air scrubbers, service an existing system, or have exhaust testing done on an existing facility to verify performance or demonstrate compliance, we can help.

Dry Scrubbing, Wet Scrubbing, and Thermal Abatement

Jupiter Scientific’s designers have extensive experience with all major point of use scrubbing platforms. We have organically designed scrubbers in all major platforms so that we can match scrubbing capability with your process and individual needs and restrictions. Our designers also have a long history of hands on experience in the factory dealing with the challenges posed by dangerous gases and difficult and dirty processes. This experience with many scrubber platforms in real life scenarios helps us to fit one of our product lines to your solution. A solution that just works. We believe a scrubber should be a solution - not part of the problem. Let us worry about finding the right fit for your abatement need so that you can worry about running your facility.

Our Scrubbers Cover a Wide Array of Gases and Processes

This table gives an example of our solution capabilities for a broad cross section of applications. We can cover a great many more applications than are in this table. If your abatement need is not shown just describe your process to us using our process configuration form and we will give you your options.

ApplicationCallisto Dry ScrubbersGanymede Wet ScrubbersIO Burn Boxes
HydridesXH2S SIH4
Acid GasesXX
FlammableX X

If you have questions you can reach us toll-free at: 888-511-2479 or email us at customerservice@jupitersci.com If you prefer, you can use the
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Point of Use Air Quality Control

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