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Water Scrubbers: Low Cost and High Efficiency

Water scrubbers are often the most cost effective solution for applications in which the pollutant is soluble in water or in a solution composed of water with a chemical additive.
Jupiter Scientific’s designers and applications engineers have extensive experience with the development of water scrubbers for an array of industrial applications. Some examples of processes for which we have developed water scrubbers include:

Fume hoods
EPI Furnaces
Gas boxes
Semiconductor reactors
Solar furnaces
Petrochemical processes

Jupiter Scientific Ganymede Water Scrubbers

The Most Sustainable Solution for Pollution

Jupiter Scientific’s Ganymede water scrubbers come in sizes ranging from point of use process tool devices in a small footprint through 2000 CFM area scrubbing devices. Our Ganymede water scrubbers feature chemical injection, integrated lift capability (so no lift station is needed), a host of safety interlocks, and industry leading destruction and removal efficiency that delivers non-detect at the discharge. All of this comes in a remarkably small package that conserves your factory space. Ganymede water scrubbers also deliver the most sustainable abatement in the industry though our water-pinch technology that allows the scrubber to operate at 100% reflux for extended periods of time.

Please contact us for a personalized evaluation of your application and a proposed solution. Let us show you how we can develop a cost effective and high efficiency solution for your process.


Point of Use Water Scrubbers