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Jupiter Scientific Purge Canisters For Improved Workplace Safety

Gas cylinder change outs can be a significant danger to workers and the environment. The highly concentrated and compressed gases released during bottle changeout can easily release dangerous and even lethal levels of toxic gas to the room or ventilation system. In addition, these change outs can result in an environmental excursion if the purge gas is allowed to leave the facility without abatement.

Bottle change-outs can also be a significant fire and explosion risk if abatement is not supplied at the gas box. Silane, phosphine, and other pyrophoric gases can injure workers and cause fires very easily when the bottle is changed. Do not place your firm’s people and the environment at risk. Callisto cartridges can provide an easy and cost effective way to handle any gas cylinder purge operation.

Callisto Dry Scrubbing cartridges are available for turn key placement in your gas box to handle gas discharge during bottle change out and purge operations. We can supply cylinders for your current configuration or we can supply an inexpensive mounting kit to fit the cylinder to your current gas box.

Callisto In-line Abatement

Malfunctioning and overloaded scrubber systems can endanger your workers and lead to costly environmental excursions. Callisto in-line canisters can be easily installed in existing exhaust lines from your scrubber to ensure that scrubber malfunction and bypass do not result in the release of harmful gases to your ductwork or the environment. these canisters prevent excursions that may lead to regulatory violations. Callisto in-line cartridges also ensure that releases that get through existing scrubbers do not endanger your facility or workers or result in factory shutdowns.
Five Kilogram Inline Canister
Inline Canister
Callisto Inline canisters can be adapted to most line sizes and fittings and can be designed for nearly any pollutant.


Purge Cartridges and In-line Overflow Cartridges Offer Inexpensive Insurance For Worker and Environmental Safety