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Callisto Large Area Dry Scrubbers for Catastrophic Release and Fume Hoods

Jupiter Scientific’s Callisto technology is also available in a large platform for catastrophic release applications, large area scrubbing, and fume hoods.

Our Callisto Large Area Scrubbers provide scrubbing for large applications such as gas boxes, fume hoods, large process tools, and area scrubbing. Although we can make Callisto Large Area Scrubbers for any size application, our standard units are designed to handle up to 2000 CFM. Our catalyst block technology gives sub threshold limit discharge with minimal pressure drop. We can accomplish this in a very small footprint relative to other scrubbers due to the usage of the most modern catalytic technologies that rely upon formed catalyst blocks instead of large deep beds of loose fill adsorbent.

Contact us today and we can show you how our large area scrubbers can add an extra level of safety to your facility.


Catastrophic and Emergency Dry Scrubbers